Parrot fish 90
Printed silk twill scarf with rolled finish


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Scarf 100% silk
Size : 90 x 90 cm / 35,43 x 35,43 inch
Made in France
Rolled up in the French way

The silk square 90 x 90 is a must from Maison Fétiche, it can be worn around the neck, as a belt or knotted in the hair in a bohemian way, summer or winter, it will bring you happiness everywhere you take it.

You’ll love it :
– The classicism of its design and the harmony of its colors
– Its red gorgon branches in the four corners of the silk square
– The softness of its silk
– Its superb black storage case

A silk scarf that is easy to wear every day!
It will be the great classic of your wardrobe.

In order to combine tradition, know-how and creativity, Maison Fétiche went to meet the best French workshops of luxury clothing. More…

Maison Fétiche proposes you to act through it for the preservation of the planet so for the purchase of your scarf. One euro will be donated to a foundation that works for nature and human welfare. More…

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In this work, Caroline Basuyau sought to express the movement, the dazzling nature of an escape. The distribution and attitudes of the parrot fish, the branches of the gorgon that bend and accompany the fish’s movements, the draped blue corals leave the work in a paradoxically frozen moment, a captured moment, a surprise offered. The artist places us in the intimacy of a luminescent coral reef, a school of surprised fish, scattered in front of the spectator. The superposition of patterns and the use of flat areas of bright colours create the illusion of perspective and play with our perception so as to project movement. In the background, behind the gorgon, the background pattern with Polynesian flowers is a recurrence of Caroline Basuyau’s works, it is the affirmation of a deep anchoring to this territory made of legends and phantasmagorical landscapes.

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