Men’s pocket squares


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Dimension: 30 x 30 cm
Made in France
Flat hem finish

More than an accessory reserved for special occasions, with its resolutely timeless and slightly dandy style, it will subtly complete your outfit by bringing contrast and personality in all elegance!

You will love :
– The fantasy of its design
– Its toucans coming out of the frame
– Its beautiful blue color
– The quality of its pure silk twill, both heavy and soft
– Its black storage box with its magnetic closure

Dare the exotic graphics!
A pretty silk pouch to collect.

Advice & Care :
Like nature, your Maison Fétiche silk accessory is fragile. Keep it untied in the box provided. Avoid any contact with rain or chemicals. It is best to have it cleaned by a specialized professional.


This silk twill square is inspired by a work by Caroline Basuyau, it shows three toucans communicating with each other, it’s euphoria, there’s noise everywhere. The use of a wide range of blue and in the background, the white dots on a blue background are there to indicate the temporality of the scene, probably at twilight, that period when some lie down and others get up, the moment when anything can happen. There is often a form of apprehension when dusk falls, very often the children are rowdy and boisterous… Then nothing, silence, rest.
The background pattern with Polynesian flowers is a recurrence of Caroline Basuyau’s works, it is the affirmation of a strong attachment to these territories made of exotic and paradisiacal islands.

Suggested presentation.

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