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Night Theatre N°5 + Mischievous + Depth


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Gift pack of 3 100% silk twill men’s pocket squares
Made in France
Flat hem

In order to combine tradition, know-how and creativity, Maison Fétiche has gone to meet the best French luxury clothing workshops to offer you this precious gift pack of silk twill pockets squarre with incomparable qualities that will make you an elegant and audacious man.

More than just an accessory reserved for special occasions, with its resolutely timeless and a little Dandy style, the Maison Fétiche 30 x 30 men’s pocket square has become an accessory on its own. It will subtly complete your outfit by bringing contrast and personality to it in all elegance!

Size : 30 x 30 cm / 11,81 x 11,81 in

Advice & Maintenance : Like nature, your Maison Fétiche silk twill accessory is fragile. Keep it flat and untied in the box provided for this purpose. Avoid contact with rain or chemicals.
Preferably clan by a specialized professional. However, you can wash your Maison Fétiche silk twill accessory yourself with clear water without friction and without chemicals, then let it dry flat on a drying rack.


Night Theatre
Caroline BASUYAU proposes a journey into intimacy through this work extracted from a set of twenty canvases that shows a night forest.
In the work overall we can discover communities of birds that interact, everything is noise and movement. All the birds respond to each other and it is easy to imagine the communication path of each one. In this nocturnal cacophony, painting N°5 is one of the only ones to offer an aside, it shows among other things two parrots who snuggle up to each other, as if they wanted to distance themselves from the group, to find their own territory, a home to share their feelings of love away from the world. It is an implicit analogy of our society where the perimeter of the intimate is reduced to the profile of the common space, where hyper-communication blurs our senses and emotions to the point of denying any real singularity.

This silk twill square is inspired by a work by Caroline Basuyau, it shows three toucans communicating with each other, it’s euphoria, there’s noise everywhere. The use of a wide range of blue and in the background, the white dots on a blue background are there to indicate the temporality of the scene, probably at twilight, that period when some lie down and others get up, the moment when anything can happen. There is often a form of apprehension when dusk falls, very often the children are rowdy and boisterous… Then nothing, silence, rest.
The background pattern with Polynesian flowers is a recurrence of Caroline Basuyau’s works, it is the affirmation of a strong attachment to these territories made of exotic and paradisiacal islands.


This silk twill square is directly inspired by a work of artist Caroline Basuyau entitled The Prophet. It shows a superb female Orangutan moving through a lush virgin forest. If at first glance, in this painting, this forest appears virgin, it is not so dense in the background, it shows a degraded forest, a sparse vegetation. The artist tries to denounce man’s hold on nature, the destruction of the primary forest for the benefit of more lucrative agricultural production… We have extracted the vegetal elements from the initial work to reconstruct this elegant silk twill pocket squares  30 x 30 cm.

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