The Blue & Yellow Dance
PANORAMIC wallpaper


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100% non-woven wallpaper
Panoramic size : 450 x 263 cm / 177,16 x 103,5 in
Sold in 4 strips of 112.5 x 263 cm / 44,09 x 103,5 in
Made in France

Inspired by a major work of the colorist artist Caroline BASUYAU representing an exotic underwater background entitled “The Dance”.

We like :
– Its infinite duplication
– Its depth of field
– The quality of the non-woven paper
– The turquoise blue

Give a unique identity to your interior!

Top of the range paper with a smooth “velvety” appearance and matte reflections.
Our non-woven wallpaper Maison Fétiche, by its composition made of a mixture of cellulose and polyester fiber, allows to cover slightly damaged and even irregular walls.
We have selected an intermediate weight to allow you an easy installation while privileging the flexibility.

Tip: to extend the panoramic on the left side, start with the N°1 connection (ref. 132016) then the N°2 connection (ref. 132017), until the N°4 connection (ref. 132019), thus extending to infinity.
To extend the panoramic in the height, simply glue the strip N°1 above the strip N°1 and so on, extend so to infinity.

▶ Purchase of a panoramic extended by one or more additional strips: preferential price, contact us

▶ Custom printing and/or distributor, call us

▶ Access to the strips on sale by the unit

Specific delivery times: 10 working days


Extracted from a major pictorial work by the artist Caroline Basuyau, The Dance attempts to describe a sumptuous and still preserved underwater nature. A moment captured, a surprise offered, the artist places us in the intimacy of a luminescent coral reef, a school of fish surprised, scatters in front of the viewer. The superimposition of patterns on flat areas of bright colors, creates the illusion of a perspective and plays with our perception to project the movement. In the background, the motif of Polynesian flowers is a recurring theme in Maison Fétiche scarves, affirming a deep attachment to these mysterious and fantastical islands. It is a hymn to the beauty and opulence of nature in perpetual representation.

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In stock