The tiger 90
Printed Scarf in silk twill with French style rolled edges


100% silk twill scarf – Made in France – French style rolled edges

The 90 silk twill square is a must for Maison Fétiche, it can be worn around the neck, as a belt, turban or headband.

In order to combine tradition, know-how and creativity, Maison Fétiche has collaborated with the best French luxury clothing workshops to offer you this beautiful scarf of unbeatable quality that will make you an elegant and bold woman. More…

Maison Fétiche proposes you to act through it for the preservation of the planet : thus, when purchasing your silk twill scarf, one euro will be given to a foundation that works for nature and the well-being of man. More…

Size : 90 x 90 cm / 35,43 x 35,43 in

Advice & maintenance : Like nature, your Maison Fétiche silk twill accessory is fragile. Keep it flat and untied in the box provided for this purpose. Avoid contact with rain or chemicals. Preferably clan by a specialized professional. However, you can wash your Maison Fétiche silk twill accessory yourself with clear water without friction and without chemicals, then let it dry flat on a drying rack.

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Caroline Basuyau shows here the full extent of her palette of blues, like the work entitled “Fawn”, the artist presents us with a white tiger, embodying the omnipotence of the great predator, merciless and rigorous. But it also represents a fragile territorial animal, sensitive to the destruction of its environment and the poaching of its species and prey. It highlights the tiger out of the dark scenery, the face is flat white, the back of the body is made up of more jerky brushstrokes to give an impression of speed. The external elements have no impact on his coat, no shadows, no contact with plants, as if the tiger cat was not physically present, as if it were a fantastic and impalpable being. His gaze captures the spectator, to hypnotize him, but for what purpose? Once the spectator is hooked, he forgets the rest : the scene and the scenery, as the felines do with their prey for a few seconds, in order to forget to escape before the fateful attack. Caroline Basuyau suggests speed in a roundabout way, we don’t see it, the movement will soon start, violent and brief but for the moment everything is still and the observers are waiting for the show to start.

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