Pink Birds of paradise knotted Fetish
Pure silk twill bracelet


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Ribbon printed on 2 sides
100% silk twill
Made in France
Size : 68 x 4 cm / 26,77 x 1,57 inch

This bracelet is printed with beautiful birds of paradise in dominant pink-red. The fineness of the patterns associated with the carefully chosen colors make this piece a unique and precious object.

You will love it :
– Its flashy colors!
– The meticulousness of the details
– Its French manufacture
– Its pretty storage case

In order to combine tradition, know-how and creativity, Maison Fétiche went to the best French luxury workshops to offer you this silk bracelet of unbeatable quality.

Advice & Care :
Like nature, your Maison Fétiche silk accessory is fragile. Keep it flat and untied in the box provided. Avoid any contact with rain or chemicals. It is best to have it cleaned by a professional.


This silk twill ribbon to tie, is inspired by a work of the artist Caroline Basuyau, it shows a couple of birds of paradise. In Papua New Guinea, the plumage of the Birds of paradise is used during initiation rites where young men leave their villages for four years to live in the forest. This is where they make their traditional hairdresses with their own hair that they let grow, fur and feathers from birds of paradise. These indigenous peoples of New Guinea have produced fineries of exceptional uniqueness and creativity. It is this whole phantasmagorical and poetic universe that Maison Fétiche wants to transmit to you through its creations.

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In stock