Night Theatre Green light knotted Fetish
Pure silk twill bracelet


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Ribbon printed on 2 sides
100% silk twill
Made in France
Size : 68 x 4 cm / 26,77 x 1,57 inch

Why not be tempted by beautiful turquoise parrots?

You will fall for :
– Its theme “Exotic sophisticated
– Its green cord in trompe-l’oeil
– Its blue-turquoise tones
– Its nice storage box

Attention rare piece !
Certainly a ribbon to collect!

In order to combine tradition, know-how and creativity, Maison Fétiche went to the best French luxury workshops to offer you this silk bracelet of unbeatable quality.

Advice & Care :
Like nature, your Maison Fétiche silk accessory is fragile. Keep it flat and untied in the box provided. Avoid any contact with rain or chemicals. It is best to have it cleaned by a professional.


Parrots are birds known for their sociability, they are certainly among the most “intelligent” birds in the animal kingdom. They are curious, Mischievous and have a great capacity for adaptation. They are also emotional and have a strong need to interact with their peers. Because they have many qualities in common with humans, the parrot is the fetish bird of the artist Caroline Basuyau.

Suggested presentation.

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