Gold plated medal box “Good luck to the one who owns me”


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Round gold plated medal with loop
Engraving on one side
Made in France

On the back : Possible customization by yourself

Maison Fétiche has called upon one of the best French jewellery craftsmen to engrave and gild its gold-plated medallion.
The artistic creation of this medallion was entirely realized by the Maison Fétiche. On the lower part, it represents a very dense virgin forest, on the periphery is engraved “lucky charm to the one who owns me” and in its center is the Maison Fétiche logo, inspired by Polynesian symbols, the tiki.
The Maison Fétiche medallion, 1.2 mm thick, is gilded with 3 micron fine gold. The back of the medal is smooth.

Cleaning & Maintenance : All our jewellery is assembled by hand in our workshop in France.
Directions for use: To ensure that your jewellery lasts and retains its original appearance, we advise you to avoid any contact with chemicals (chlorine, perfume, hairspray…) but also sea water.
Simply soak the jewel in a liquid solution of hot water and a little Marseille soap for a few minutes, rub the ring gently with a soft-bristled toothbrush, then rinse with clean water and dry it properly with a sweet cloth, a chamois leather for example.


Medal represente an impenetrable and mysterious edge of virgin forest.
The edge is the place of all the fantasies of all imaginations, what is behind it, what strange and hostile beings are waiting hidden in the shadows, what a life show awaits the visitor.
In the center of the jewelry, is engraved the tiki Maison Fétiche, In Polynesia, the tiki is very important, it symbolizes the ancestor half human half god who was the first man. According to legend, it was this mythical figure who gave birth to humans. The tiki is a sculpture that serves as a protection for houses, it is commonly placed in the garden or at the entrance of a building to prevent evil spirits from entering.
It is for this purpose that the Maison Fétiche coat of arms has been designed, so that it becomes the protector of your inner “house”.

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