Dance N°5 Original knotted Fetish
Printed silk twill bracelet


Wristband to tie printed on 2 sides
100% silk twill
Made in France

This silk twill bracelet shows an underwater scene made of coral, gorgonian and parrot fish. The colours are bright, orange and red contrast strongly with the dark blue background. It is printed differently on both sides. The Maison Fétiche logo is printed on both ends and is bevelled.

In order to combine tradition, know-how and creativity, Maison Fétiche has gone to meet the best French luxury clothing workshops to offer you this silk twill bracelet of unbeatable quality that will make you an elegant and bold woman.

Size : 68 x 4 cm / 26,77 x 1,57 inch

Advice & Maintenance : Like nature, your Maison Fétiche silk twill accessory is fragile. Keep it flat and untied in the box provided for this purpose. Avoid contact with rain or chemicals.
Preferably clan by a specialized professional. However, you can wash your Maison Fétiche silk twill accessory yourself with clear water without friction and without chemicals, then let it dry flat on a drying rack.

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The artist Caroline Basuyau painted multicolored fish like Koi carps from the Yakuza tattoos, men and women of the mysterious and ancestral Japanese mafia. In Japanese culture, the Koi carp is revered, it brings good luck, and symbolizes motivation, perseverance, recklessness, in a word audacity!
Undoubtedly, this superb silk twill ribbon with such delicate features will be the standard and expression of your personality.

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