Silk Scarf 90 Framed


We offer you an exceptional presentation of the Maison Fétiche silk squares. Custom-made matt black wood frame for your scarf.

Custom-made matt black wood frame for your scarf.

Overall dimensions: 92 x 92 cm / 36.23 x 36.23 inch

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Caroline Basuyau shows here one of the mysteries of the Amazonian forest, the jaguar is the most powerful fetish animal on the South American continent, the first inhabitants still worship it.
The main subject, the jaguar, is here artificially taken out of the landscape, as if out of context, as if the forest was retreating in front of the animal’s foot prints. In wildlife, the jaguar is an essential link in the balance of nature; it governs and designates who must give way. However, this great predator is more fragile than it seems, deforestation, hunting, genetic impoverishment, if it were to disappear, all Amazonian biodiversity would be unbalanced forever.
By this analogy of the colossus at the foot of clay, Caroline Basuyau wanted to show that in nature the appearance is often misleading.