Square silk wool scarf

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Discover the new Maison Fétiche silk wool square scarves, generous, colorful and very trendy.
With their offbeat and refined patterns, they will reveal your charismatic personality. Warm, soft and comfortable, these large wool-silk squares Made in France can be worn in a variety of ways in all circumstances: as a shawl, a scarf or a neckerchief, they will easily adapt to your every whim.
Explore the entire collection of XXL wool silk scarves from Maison Fétiche.

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  • Châle laine soie 120 x 120 cm La Danse Kaki Blanc de chez Maison Fétiche

    Shawl The Dance Kaki & White 120
    Printed silk wool

  • Shawl My elegant Dark 120
    Printed silk wool

Attention rare object! Maison Fétiche silk wool blend scarves are offered in a generous XXL format, 120 x 120 cm, with sophisticated and elegant prints, original colors, exotic and sometimes offbeat themes. The density of the weaving in a regular stitch of these large squares adds softness and the mellowness of silk provides a warmth and a rare comfort. Like a long, soft scarf, your new Maison Fétiche fashion accessory will beautifully wrap around your neck in several turns. These delicately printed scarves are made of coral seabeds, exotic fantasy forests or imaginary characters. The delightful eccentricity of colorist Caroline Basuyau brings a unique whimsy to these trendy premium fashion accessories. Blue leopard patterns, khaki floral prints or bohemian Inuit with electric and pop colors, Maison Fétiche creations are always unusual and timeless. The women’s square scarves in silk wool as well as the men’s shawls will allow you to stay warm as a real «shield» against the cold but without being too bulky. Wear it with a nice sweater, your favorite jeans and a pair of boots in cocooning mode, in the evening, gracefully placed as a shawl on your shoulders and matched with your dress or your pumps to not leave indifferent or simply to wear in everyday life, wrapped around the neck as a complement to a suit, to brighten up your visio for example and thus reveal your beautiful personality.